This page contains the screen-worn costumes of featured characters from the Witch Hunters film.

Marlene Stewart

Marlene Stewart (born August 25, 1949) is an American costume designer born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stewart began her career designing costumes for pop star Madonna's concerts. 1991 saw her big breakthrough in film, designing the attire for JFK and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. From there, her work involved mainly action films like Falling Down, True Lies, The X-Files, Enemy of the State and Gone in 60 Seconds. Stewart's more recent work included on Real Steel and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Creative fun also fueled the film's costumes, designed by Marlene Stewart (TERMINATOR 2), who designed and created nearly 100 costumes from scratch. She wanted Hansel & Gretel to look like they belonged in a fairy tale world but also look like they could be bad-ass bounty hunters of any era. Their costumes might be made from traditional leather and linen - but there's nothing antique about them. "We turned all the traditions around by giving them a tough edge," Stewart explains.

Costume and Wardrobe Department Credits

Sarah Amft ... costume buyer
Phillip Boutte Jr. ... costume illustrator
Dietke Brandt ... set costumer
Agnés Claude ... embroiderer
Christian Cordella ... costume illustrator
Finlay Cowan ... costume illustrator
Jan Dieckmann ... textile artist
Ann Foley ... assistant costume designer
Brita Hofmann ... costume textile artist
Tanja Jesek ... additional costumer
Pola Kardum ... wardrobe assistant
Daniel J. Lester ... costume supervisor
Theresa Anna Luther ... costumer
Sabine Otto ... costume maker
Peter Popken ... costume illustrator
Meike Schlegel ... costume supervisor
Barbara Schramm ... wardrobe
Lisa Spengler ... costume buyer / wardrobe daily
Juliana Stenzel ... crowd costume coordinator
Susanne Stroh ... costume coordinator
Anja Vesterling ... costume textile artist
Alice Wolfbauer ... co-assistant costume designer
Gillian Wood ... costume dyer


Hansel & Gretel

Redhead Witch

Horned Witch


Tall Witch


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